Best Rifle Scope of 2021 Complete Reviews

Best Rifle Scope Reviews

If you are a shooter and you love to go for hunting on a regular basis, then it’s very important for you that you should have proper weapons so that you can aim or target your object easily without any obstacle. This article covers the best rifle scope of 2019 to get things sorted out for the hunters. If you are a hunter, a scope might be indispensable for you. Spotting your target is not so much hard but if you are missing your aim, then it is quite difficult to find that target again. The best value long range rifle scope is the ideal solution for you if you do not want to miss out on any point.

Top 5 Rifle Scope Comparison Chart

best rifle scope
Nikon Buck Masters Riflescope
This scope is a light weight scope and has high illuminated intensity which is at level 10. The lens of this scope is coated with XR, which gives you optimum brightness.
best rifle scopes
Bushnell Elite Tactical Riflescope
The special thing about this scope is side parallel adjustments which will help you to aim your target at a very long distance with clear and sharp image.
best air rifle scope
Trijicon Riflescope Ballistic Reticule
The best part of this scope is you can use this scope under water up to 23 m. The battery life of this scope is 700 hours which is better than other scopes.
best long range rifle scope
Leupold VX-1 Riflescope
It is a light weight scope with a matte black finish which makes it more attractive. This scope is easily portable, so you can move it from one place to another.
best value long range rifle scope
Vortex Optics Viper PST
The special quality of this scope is that you can increase the zoom up to 24x that means you can shoot your target even if you are one mile far from it.

Rifle Scope Reviews

After reading this article, you will get to know about the best scopes with leading configuration and performance because we are giving you the practical information on these selected scopes. You can pick any scope from these selected ones according to your requirement and budget.

1. Nikon Buck masters Waterproof Matte Riflescope

If you are going to purchase this scope, then your choice is perfect because this is a lightweight scope since its weight is 23 ounces only. The design and black matte finish of this scope attract you to purchase it. The illuminated reticule with 10 intensity level helps you to aim even in the low light. The lens is fully coated with XR lens coating and gives you optimum brightness.

Product Highlights

This scope incorporates argon gas which makes your scope fog proof, waterproof, and shockproof. It has fast focus eyepiece which helps you to shoot your target easily without any problem. The recoil of the scope is very less as compared to others due to fast focus eyepiece.

What We Like About Nikon Buck masters

This scope is having purged of argon gas which makes it waterproof and shock resistant. The intensity in this scope is level 10. Brightness is also the important thing if you are using your scope at night and in this scope, the fully coated XR lens helps you to give you balanced brightness at night.

What We Don’t Like About Nikon Buck masters

Overall features of this scope are fine but if we are using this scope for a very long range, then we lose the eye relief. If we are using above 12 x, then there is no eye relief present in this scope.

Nikon Buck masters Riflescope Review

  • Waterproof, fog proof and shockproof
  • Fully coated XR lens which helps to give optimum brightness
  • Illuminated reticule lens with 10 level intensity
  • Armortek lens which protect your scope with scratch and oil
  • No repeatability
  • If you are using this scope above 12 x all the way to 24x, the eye relief is not there.

2. Bushnell Elite Tactical Riflescope

This scope has the longest magnificent range as compared to all other elite tactical rifle scopes. You can use this scope for mid-range targets as well as long range targets. Bushnell also offers you the highest light transmission in this scope. The lens is fully multi-coated which helps you to get clear and sharp images. If you are an elite shooter, then this scope is ideal for you because it is a dynamic and high powered rifle scope.

Product Highlights

The side parallel adjustments improve the accuracy if you are targeting the long-range object. The matte black finish won’t be able to reflect the light while aiming the target. The magnification of this scope is 6x – 24 x which is extremely wide as compared to the other scopes.

What Do We Like About Bushnell Elite Tactical?

In this scope, you get fully multi-coated optics for improved brightness, light transmission, and contrast images. It is made for long and short range objectives both; because you can fix it from 6x to 24x. That means you can zoom in or zoom out according to your need.

What We Don’t Like About Bushnell Elite Tactical?

The lens of this scope is not illuminated so that it’s very tough for the hunter or shooter to aim their target.

Bushnell Elite Tactical Rifle scope Reviews

  • Ideal for medium range applications as well as extended long-range shooting
  • Side parallax adjustment improves accuracy over long ranges targets
  • Extremely wide magnification range, from 6x to 24x
  • Rain Guard HD lens coating removes moisture from the lens, improving visual clarity and fidelity
  • Not for short range objects
  • Lens of the scope is not illuminated

3. Trijicon Riflescope Ballistic Reticule

The special quality of this scope is you can also shoot with the scope underwater because it’s waterproof up to 66 feet. In this scope, the red segment circle with a center crosshair helps you to match up to 175 grain. You can use this scope if you are weak to handle recoil. You can use this scope for almost 700 hours nonstop.

Trijicon Riflescope Ballistic Reticule Highlights

The objective lens of this combat scope is 24 mm. You will get a generous eye relief while aiming your object. The glass of this scope is bright, sharp and clear which helps you to spot your target easily. This scope features better glass quality and light gathering capabilities with zero distortion.

What Do We Like About Trijicon Riflescope?

The best part of this scope is you can use this scope under water. This scope is shockproof even you are using this underwater.

What We Don’t Like About Trijicon Riflescope?

The size of this scope is a little bit large than other scope and weight of this scope is also high because of its size. At the time of the shooting, sometimes it becomes unbalanced due to the recoil of your weapon.

Best Rifle Scope Reviews

  • Waterproof up to 66 feet underwater
  • Battery backup up to 700 hours
  • Controllable recoil
  • Brightness issue
  • Over sized

4. Leupold VX-1 Riflescope

The Leupold VX-1 is available in an excellent black matte finish giving it a nice premium look. This scope is lightweight which makes it easily portable from one place to another. The lightweight of this scope helps to make this scope very balanced while shooting the targets.

Product Highlights

This scope comes with fast focus and precision glide erector system. The build quality of this scope available in this price range is very good with the black matte finish. Maximum of the light is transmitted through the scope due to its multi-coating.

What Do We Like About Leupold VX-1 riflescope?

The premium quality of Leupold VX-1 scope in this price range is the best part of buying this scope. This scope has a lot of features buckled up in this price segment.

What We Don’t Like About Leupold VX-1 riflescope?

This scope is not suitable for close range shooting. The parallax at the close range makes the scope difficult to shoot at the objects.

  • Black matte finish
  • Easy return zero
  • ¼ MOA adjustment
  • Waterproof, Shock proof, Fog proof
  • Users have experienced a little glare
  • The coating is not available
  • Not suitable for close range targets

5. Vortex Optics Viper PST

The Vortex Optics Viper is one of the high-end scopes produced by Vortex with the best-built quality and a pretty high price range. The extra low dispersion glass is used in the scope which helps the scope to produce the best quality sharp images. The 6x to 24x magnification is available in the scope which is suitable for the mid-range as well as the short-range shooters.

Product Highlights

The vortex optics viper is made from a robust single-piece main tube by using the alloy of the aluminum. This scope is available with both MOA and MRAD graduations. It comes in 4 different reticule flavors.

What Do We Like About Vortex Optics Viper PST?

The scope is available with industry leading warranty policy. A superb image is produced even after zooming into 24 x. An easy return to zero is available in the scope with tactical adjustment controls.

What We Don’t Like About Vortex Optics Viper PST?

It is priced at a very high cost. The controls of this scope are not for the beginners as it has a complex control system.

  • Durable, tactically designed
  • FFP reticule changes size with magnification
  • For mid-range to the long range
  • Reticule illumination can be varied
  • High cost
  • Eye relief is not suitable for lower magnifications
  • Adjustment controls are not for beginners

Rifle Scope Buyer’s Guide

When you have a number of options, then sometimes it might be difficult for you to select the best one because at that particular time everything is almost the same and you can’t see the difference. Therefore, we are mentioning some things below which will help you to choose the best scope for yourself.

Scope Should be Multicoated

If your scope is multicoated, then it helps you in certain ways, because being multi-coated makes your scope waterproof and fog proof. The multicoated scope also helps you to remove the glare while aiming your target from low brightness to high brightness. It makes your lens sharp, clear and protects your lens from the scratches.

Scope Should Give You Proper Eye Relief

If your scope is giving you proper eye relief, then it is very easy to spot your target and shoot them but if your eye relief is not good, then it is difficult to target your object. Most of the cases eye relief changes when we change the target distance either from short to long or from long to short.

Scope Lens Should be Clear and Sharp

The scope you are using needs to clear and sharp so that you can spot your target easily because clear and sharp lens give you a proper image and helps you to identify your target. The brightness of the scope also affects while spotting the target; it should be high accordingly.

Performance of Scope Should be Good in Low Light Conditions

If you are using the scope in low light condition, then the contrast of your scope should be balanced according to the outside light. Your scope needs to be capable to make picture clear and sharp in low light. If your scope is giving you these things, then trust us; buy that scope because there are very few scopes which are performing well in low light conditions.

Scope Should be Fast Focus

The scope you are using should be the fast focus that means if you are using your scope either from long distance to short distance or from short distance to long distance, your target should be easily focused. The image should not be a blur, it should be sharp. Fast focus scope increases your spotting skills because when you are using your fast focus scope, wherever you see your focus should be with you according to the movement of your scope.

Rifle Scope FAQs

What is the Best Magnification for the Riflescope?

The riflescopes come with different magnifications and a variable zoom which decides the power of your scope depending upon your requirement. The low power scopes are used for the close range targets and moving targets. Medium and high power scopes are used for shooting the still targets. The medium and high power scopes are also ideal for sniping.

Which Zoom is Suitable: Variable or Fixed Zoom?

Scope comes with a variable and fixed zoom. This is decided by the user’s personal preference with which the user is personally comfortable with. The scope with variable zoom is much more versatile having minimum and maximum magnifications, but the fixed zoom does not have this kind of feature. The minimum and maximum zoom help the shooter to shoot at different distances without any problem.

What is the Function of the Windage and Elevation Adjustments on the Riflescope?

The windage adjustment allows you to move the aiming point horizontally whereas the elevation adjustment allows you to move the aiming point vertically so that you can aim your target with perfection.

What is the Size and the Height of the Riflescope Rings That I Need for My Rifle?

The rings of the riflescope come in different sizes and heights with a huge variety of designs. The different riflescope rings help you to adjust the scope of the rifle at a different heights and distances providing you varied comfort levels. While you mount a scope on the rifle, you should take care of the height mainly because the height of the scope decides the comfort level of using the scope. The scope should be attached in such a way that it should touch the barrel of the rifle. There are some scopes which need bigger rings comparatively for larger clearance area for scopes with larger objective lens and the scope caps.

What Does MOA Stands for? What Does This Mean That the Click Value of Elevation and Windage Adjustment is ¼ MOA?

MOA stands for Minute of Angle. MOA is a term that is used to explain the variances on a target at 100 Yards. It is commonly used to describe the adjustment on the scope. If your scope’s MOA adjustment is ¼ MOA then the point of impact of the bullet you shoot will move ¼” at 100 yards for the every click adjustment knob you make.

Final Verdict

So, these were out handpicked best rifle scopes of 2019. All the above scopes are selected after comparing the leading scopes in the market, along with the much needed features.

If budget is not an issue, then you can pick Leupold VX- 1 rifle scope because of its premium quality. The Vortex Rifle Scope can also be chosen for your hunting if you are looking forward for a combo of decent price and top-line features.

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